“Dinner - Sunday” Zoff · Dinner (2 hours)

Dinner at the Restaurant

“Dinner - Saturday” Zoff · Dinner (2 hours)

Dinner at the Restaurant

“Dinner - Friday” Zoff · Dinner (2 hours)

Dinner at the Restaurant

“Tox Sunday Brunch” Zoff · Tox Brunch (2 hours)

Let's meet for a relaxing coffee and some conversation at a lovely venue in the city

“Meet & greet - opening speech” Zoff, strfry, Uli, robinli · Talk_15 (15 minutes)

Meet & greet - opening speech and Tour of the Lab

“Doors open - Sunday” Zoff · Talk_15 (15 minutes)

The venue will open it's doors

“Doors open - Friday” Zoff · Talk_15 (15 minutes)

The venue will open it's doors

“Doors open - Saturday” Zoff · Talk_15 (15 minutes)

The venue will open it's doors

“Closing remarks” Zoff, strfry, Uli, robinli · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

Closing remarks

“cryptography for peer-to-peer online social media” Ruben De Smet · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

Typical Web 2.0 applications are built on abstractions, allowing developers to rapidly and securely develop new features. For peer-to-peer applications, these abstractions are often poor or non-existent.

“Alpine Linux packaging as an embedded system distribution strategy” strfry, Nero · Talk_45 (45 minutes)

This talk will present some of the benefits of the Alpine Package Manager 'apk', and show how it can be used to build custom repositories.
Later we will go in the details of Alpine's "Diskless Mode", and explore its use as a packaging strategy for auto-updating, stateless embedded systems.

“Pluggable Transports in Practice” Michael Pöhn · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

In this talk we well make a short excursion through the Pluggable Transports specification, take a look at available implementations and do a life demo of how establish a connection over a PT.

“Secure Containers for Developers” Mathias Tausig · Talk_45 (45 minutes)

Containers are all the hype ever since Docker entered the IT world a few years ago. But what do they mean for security? And how can developers make the most out of this technology?

“ToxPhoneZero - Probably the smallest Tox node on earth ...” Zoff · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

The rocky road from ToxBlinkenwall to ToxPhoneZero.
Hold on to your socks ...

“ToxProxy - Proof of Concept” Thomas · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

I have developed a proof of concept for a Proxy that enables TRIfA to only come online occasionally to receive messages cached by it's proxy - To save battery and data usage on battery powered android devices. (Only works with contacts using TRIfA as well).

“Overview of Tox” robinli, zugz · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

An overview of Tox.

“Q & A with the Tox Creator” irungentoo · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

A moderated Q&A session with Tox's creator irungentoo.

“Year in Tox” robinli, sudden6 · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

Overview of what happened in Tox during the year that passed since last ToxCon.

“R84 Multifactory, a collectivity of workers who share and help each others” Giulio Focardi · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

R84 is a Shared Workspace in which crucial aspects are collaborative strategies between members. The talk will present some of those strategies.

“Problems and issues in creating and keeping alive a stable collectivity of workers linked by e-Windows” Giulio Focardi · Talk_30 (30 minutes)

long distance collaboration could cut time and cost of development of goods and services for small economic agents like artisans or professionals, if they were able to share and collaborate in a stable, easy and natural way. e-Window is meant to get this result.

“Discussion about Zero-Knowledge Proofs” Ruben De Smet · Workshop_60 (60 minutes)

Discussion about Zero-Knowledge Proofs