Problems and issues in creating and keeping alive a stable collectivity of workers linked by e-Windows
2019-10-13, 17:45–18:15, Metalab - Mainroom

long distance collaboration could cut time and cost of development of goods and services for small economic agents like artisans or professionals, if they were able to share and collaborate in a stable, easy and natural way. e-Window is meant to get this result.

An e-Window is a communication system intended to link autonomous workers belonging to Shared Workspaces of different cities. The founding idea is to enable artisans, Artists, professionals to exchange ideas and to collaborate through electronic "windows". Electronic windows should provide a communication environment intended to be more "natural" and casual than video communication systems, resulting in deeper and spontaneous relationships between people.

Evidence is that after several trials, usage is far lower than expected and user's engagement is very poor.

The talk will present several setups which were attempted, and possible reasons to explain why they didn't led to the expected result.