R84 Multifactory, a collectivity of workers who share and help each others
2019-10-11, 17:40–18:10, Metalab - Mainroom

R84 is a Shared Workspace in which crucial aspects are collaborative strategies between members. The talk will present some of those strategies.

R84 Multifactory is a Shared Workspaces in Mantova (Italy), based on the idea of free exchange of knowledge and help between members.

Members of R84 are artisans, professionals, small entrepreneurs, artists. They all have their private space within the project and run their independent activities. They are part of an association and manage together shared spaces, tools, and opportunities.

Crucial aspects is how knowledge and information is generated and spread among members, and how and why members create connections and professional links between each others.

This talk will explain how R84 works and will present some "patterns" of creation and diffusion of collaborative strategies between members.